Once in a while, I try to write some poetry.


When I walk alone on the street
I imagine you're by my side
I feel your hand slipping into mine
And see the smile engraved on your beautiful face.

When I listen alone to music
I sense your shadow gliding around me
I search for your soul in my heart
And whisper some lines of poetry.

When I sleep alone in the dark
I believe you and I form only one
I want you, nothing more, nothing less
And ll I desire is your presence.

You occupy every single part of me
You've taken control of my mind
And bewitched my heart.

Love is this
A pure and lovely sensation
A lighted candle in the dark
A glimpse of happiness in an era of terror and war.

Love is the only thing
Which is crystal clear
That a man can offer.

But if love is all this,
Then love is magic and mystical
And magic is beauty.

You are magical
You are mystical
You are beautiful
You are the incarnation of love
To me, for me
And because of me.


I would like to be a star
As bright as a pulsar
And as dignified as a tsar.

As dazzling as beauty
And as important as virginity.

As pure as love
And as innocent as a dove.

As free as lust
And as valuable as trust.

As beautiful as passion
And as vital as a companion.

I would like to be a star
So as to be out of the ordinary
For you to notice me.

By being a star,
I will always keep eyes upon you
And you will always keep eyes upon me.

By being a star,
I will always be known to you
And you will never forget my person.


The stars are white
Dazzingly beautiful and inspiring
But it's a shame
That they are so heavenly stunning
When I am so disconsolate
In the real world.

The stars smoke and watch me
As well as all of us
But it's a shame
That for them
We are nothing
Nothing but grains of sand
In the real world.

The stars close their eyes
When the blue naps them
But it still is a shame
That while they will appear as bright tomorrow
I might never look up at the sky again
Because of the tears
That will flood my eyes
Like never before
In this real world.


3 Responses to “My Poetry”

  1. 1 Fatima 15 September, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    My goodness!!! It’s been a while since I’ve read something as refreshing as these couple of lines. It’s so well written, and every line seems to be telling a tale about you.

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