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The Google font

It’s been a long time that I’ve been interested in adding the famous Google font to my collection but it’s only today that I really made a move and guess what? Yes, I have it!

Thing is, I always had the font but didn’t realise anything.  The Google font is Book Antiqua and I hear that it’s no more as common as it used to be on the web anymore.  If you’re interested in getting the font as well, just let me know and I’ll email you then.

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It’d love to be there…

It really would be a great thing for me to attend such literary tours.  You know, see those great young writers read in front of you.  Well, that’s what’s Opium Magazine is doing at the moment.  They went to Beijing some days back and here’s the insider’s account.  I love those insider’s report, don’t you?

Todd Zuniga, editor of the literary magazine and one of the “performers” in Beijing, is a pretty nice guy.  At least, that’s the impression I get when we correspond by email once in a while.  I have huge respect for the guy and wish him luck with Opium Magazine.  It’s great.  Keep it up people.

I’m a fan.  And oh yeah, if you happen to be in Paris or London, do check Opium’s world tour event schedule.  Those guys may be near you and trust me, you don’t want to miss them.

Update:  I love this photo: like a movie poster! Hope they don’t mind.  Well, I’m giving them some publicity, man!

As for the photo above: Kesey and Koch are standing. Leary and Zuniga are in crouch position. In the background you see a lone house amidst a field of ruin. Houses used to be there, but now only one remains. The residents refuse to move out, and the building plans by the government are on hold until they agree to move out. It’s really, really weird. The area is huge, and only that one house still remains.

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Don’t let your mum know what you’re blogging about

I really think I got a brainstorm.  Here's a comment I posted over on this post at a really nice blog, Show & Tell.  (I really love the blog's banner too.)

Ok, I've been thinking about blogging about things you don't want other people, whom you know in real life, to know about.  Primarily because that's one of my blogging problems.  And I think I came up with a pretty nice way solution. What about writing a short sentence like, Note that this post may be complete fiction – although it may as well contain some pieces of truth, or not?

What do you think? In this way, the reader does not know whether what you're writing about is a true thing that happened or whether it's straight from your mind! The only snag: you do have to write from time to time.

 I think that's a damn cool solution to a heck of a lot of problems.

Self-publishing at sky media

Check this latest blog post at sky media blog.  I only just wrote it and think it's pretty cool.  It deals with the love of publishing and how it might be better to self-publish.

Special: Help needed for new indie publishing

My previous post, gives a big hint that I'm behind the new indie publishing company out there, sky media. Well, it's still all brand new and we're just getting a hang of things around here. However our very first publication, from J. Daniel Janzen, is scheduled to be released for free as ebook, during the week of May 15. Name of the masterpiece? The Clown's Graveyard.

However working in publishing is hard work (what isn't?), especially when you're not involved full-time with the project. Ok, I admit that I'm not too sure about that! Actually sky media is more like a hobby to me.

sky media logo

Anyway, if you're a designer/artist and you are interested in getting some experience in publishing, let me know. And don't worry if you don't know anything about publishing. The team's knowledge is limited as well. However we're eager to learn. Oh, one more thing: we're a team and that means that everybody, irrespective of their positions within, has a word on anything being done. This includes a say in the layout or the actual publications we are accepting.

Remember only one email address and you'll be in the fun. I personally cannot wait to meet new people eager to enter the publishing world.

P.S. If there's any other way in which you think you can help sky media, just fire an email to that same email address above and I'll be real happy. I usually reply fast (max. 48h in general, unless it's the weekend).

P.P.S. Well I'm crossing fingers. LOL. Hope to read from you soon.

There’s big news coming…

Ever thought about starting your very own company? That would be a cool thing, euh? Check this out. More later…

The Economist’s special report on New Media

I've been waiting for this one special report from The Economist quite impatiently ever since I saw the advertisement a couple of weeks ago in the respective issue of the magazine itself. And to my surprise, the whole of the survey is available for free online although this is proned to change. Maybe it's a glitch from their side but even the premium articles, marked by this logoPremium content, are free to anybody.

No need to say, I jumped on this rare occasion and I'm currently printing the whole of survey. Althought I will buy this issue as well.

Update (21 April, 19:16): Looks like The Economist did make a mistake. The majority of the articles, forming part of the survey, are in fact Premium articles, that is you need to pay to get access. As I've mentioned earlier, although the logo denoting premium content was placed besides the links to the individual articles, all right, the complete version of the articles were available for free. Unfortunately for you guys, it's no more. Premium content is indeed premium content now. You'll have to buy the issue, I guess.

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1. Best friends: I love you people.
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