My hols part 1

[Listening to: She Is, How to Save a Life, The Fray]

I’ve been tagged once more but in a pledge to prevent this blog from becoming full of those tags, I decided to write a real blog post – something I haven’t done for quite some time – first.  I haven’t even been blogging all that much during these past two weeks.  Well, let’s start from the beginning.

The very first Friday of 2007, the whole family headed to the beach-house in Pereybere, for the second time in a week.  The beach-house is “pied dans l’eau” and belongs to my granddad’s sister, who is kind of my grandmother as well, right? So, we arrived in Pereybere at about 5p.m and it was cool just thinking that we would be staying there for 24 hours! Indeed, we were staying the night over.  The last time I did this, I was like 10 or something, about 8 years ago, that is.

Uncle M, dad’s cousin actually lives in the beach-house full-time.  As usual, his PC was switched on and he was busy playing Thief 3.  Uncle M is gaming fan but not a geek.  However he is a comics geek! He’s got about 200 comic books carefully shelved and locked in his bedroom.  And I’m really proud that I am one of the few people to whom he lends the books.  According to mum, you form part of Uncle M’s inner circle if he’s lent you some of his comic books.  That time, he lent me a sci-fi comic book called Apocalypse Mania, which I enjoyed.  The series (or ‘cycle’ as they call it) is made up of five books but he bought the five-in-one collection and the thing is really big! Then he lent me a trilogie called Sir Arthus Benton.  I totally like this one.  It blends facts from The Second World War with fictional spy stories.  And the story concludes with a bang! Yep, I totally totally like this series.

[Listening to: Heaven Forbid, How to Save a Life, The Fray]

At about half past seven, we went out for dinner.  Both dad and Uncle M drove their respective cars.  Mum and I went in Uncle M’s car, a Saab “decapotable.”  (Hope it’s properly written.  And what’s the English word?) It was the very first time that I got into a “decapotable” and it was awesome.  However the drive did open my eyes to how stupid keeping long hair is.

We arrived at the restaurant in Cap Malheureux in about ten minutes.  Well, the resto is more like a snack actually – a snack which serves restaurant food, if you know what I mean.  It’s small and the walls are painted only here and there.  The owner, and the waiter, wears a short and a T-shirt.  This gives you an idea.  But it’s a cool and cosy place to be.  The resto only serves seafood and given that Uncle M has been a regular customer for like seven years, we got a real treat.  As appetiser, prawns in a wonderful sauce was served with bread.  Then for the main course, we all had a plate of three huge “crevettes.” tiger prawns.  I had some troubles to get the flesh out from the hard part (vocabulary!!) shell at first but, hey, all in all, it was an excellent dinner.

Back to the beach-house, we ate chocolate cake as dessert and all sat down to watch War of the Worlds.  My dad, who is a fan of good movies like 7 years in Tibet, Notting Hill and other Japaness/Chiness movies like Seven Samurai or Postmen in the Mountains, wasn’t impressed and left after the aliens made their apparitions.  To be frank, I don’t think anyone was too impressed by the movie but we were all together and it was the company of us all that mattered ultimately.  However, H.G. Wells must have been a genius to think about bacteria during his time.  And I’m sure that the novel is much better than the movie which is only a series of hollow events that happens to Tom Cruise and nothing more.

We all went to sleep.  Well, technically, they all went to sleep because I only slept an hour after being in bed: there were mosquitoes and it was hot.

But I loved the week-end.  The following day was cool too.  I almost finished Apocalypse Mania on that day.

[Listening to: Flowers in the Window (For Nora), The Invisible Band, Travis]


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