Been tagged

Bloggers’ responsibilities includes tagging.
– NotScientific

Deux noms auxquels tu réponds:
1. Khalllll
2. Tom (Everybody at school knows that I’m a huge fan of KEANE and one of my friends decided to call me Tom after Tom Chaplin, the band’s singer.)

Deux choses que tu portes sur toi en ce moment:
1. A blue jean.
2. The same green shirt I wore yesterday in Port Louis.  I know, I know…

Deux choses que tu cherches dans une relation:
1. Kindness
2. Compatibility

Deux choses que tu préfères faire :
1. Write
2. Hang out with my best friends

Deux choses dont tu as vraiment TRES envie maintenant:
1. A good lunch.
2. That an episode of The Office would download more rapidly.

Deux animaux de compagnie que tu as/as eu:
1. My kid brother
2. My stuffed toys (peluches)

Deux personnes qui vont répondre à ces questions aussi:
1. Avinash
2. Yash
I spare thee, Mr. Eddy.

Deux choses que tu as fait hier soir:
1. Played violin
2. Watched FA Premier League Highlights

Deux personnes qui vivent dans ta maison:
1. My brother
2. My brother… hehe

Deux choses que tu as mangé aujourd’hui:
1. Cereals for breakfast
2. Swallowed loads of saliva

Deux personnes à qui tu as parlé en dernier:
1. My dad who wakes me up at 8.15 a.m even though I’m in hols (WTF?) everyday before going to work.
2. A friend, on MSN.  That was yesterday night actually!

Deux choses que tu vas faire demain:
1. Write something; anything.
2. Listening to music.

Deux voyages en voiture les plus longs:
1. Covered Botswana from North to South in a day and a half.
2. Plaisance Airport to Pereybere.

Deux jours feriés préférés :
1. Eid
2. New Year

Deux boissons préférées:
1. Coffee
2. The fruit juice my dad makes.

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4 Responses to “Been tagged”

  1. 2 Yashvin 17 January, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    dont worry, khalil, i have already been tagged before u do so!
    and as for tagging Avinash, i am already “une longueure d’avance!”

    peut etre la prochaine fois!

  2. 3 Hans 24 January, 2007 at 12:12 am

    I’ve also got a bunch of this to do. I’m tagged from everywhere…………… required……. 🙂

  3. 4 Khalil A. 24 January, 2007 at 12:25 am

    Yeah, I know you do. Good luck.

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