John Pilger

Buy this.  More later.

UPDATE: John Pilger is most probably one of the most gifted, hardworking  and most importantly one of the most trustworthy investigative journalists of this era.  I have read some of his articles on the Atomic bombs released in Japan and it is just extraordinary how he manages to get the truth out of everything.

One of the latest projects of John Pilger has been a documentary on the expulsion of the Chagos inhabitants from their island by the USA.  Although I have yet to watch it (MBC under the previous government did not buy/rent/whatever the documentary), I have read his article on the matter in one of his books.  It’s really hard to read all those stuff because you get to know how cruel people can be.

But the truth is more important than anything else and buying this DVD will not only help John Pilger in his future investigations but also help the world to see a little more clearly.

Mr. Pilger, I am a fan.

UPDATE 2: 32 journalists died in Iraq this year, making 2006 the most deadly year for press in any one country ever monitored by press advocacy group Committee to Protect Journalists.

In most cases, such as the killing of Atwar Bahjat, one of the best-known television reporters in the Arab world, insurgents specifically targeted journalists to be murdered, CPJ found in a new analysis. Worldwide, CPJ found 55 journalists were killed in direct connection to their work in 2006, and it is investigating another 27 deaths to determine whether they were work-related. Detailed accounts of each case are posted on CPJ’s Web site. The figures reflect increases from 2005, when 47 journalists were killed in direct relation to their work, while 17 others died in circumstances in which the link to their profession was not clear. CPJ, founded in 1981, compiles and analyzes journalist deaths each year.

Afghanistan and the Philippines, with three deaths apiece, were the next most dangerous datelines in 2006. Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, and Colombia each saw two journalists killed. All are traditionally dangerous countries for the press, CPJ research shows.

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  1. 1 Eddy Young 21 December, 2006 at 2:44 am

    John Pilger’s documentary on the Chagos Islands remains my favourite.

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