Couple (more) of weird things

As from today, I’m officially in holidays.  It feels cool though not really because I’m in holidays but rather because it is a huge relief that the exams are finally over.  They’ve actually kept us in exams for 6 weeks! That’s just so unfair.

Yesterday night I was just too excited.  I’d have a multiple choice paper in the morning and given that I had already revised everything the previous day, it was practically holidays-already.  Obviously, when the morning did come, spirits were flying a little lower.  But I must’ve been pretty relaxed because some.. umm.. unusual things happened today.  And I’ve been talking/chatting/MSNing about it with my best friend as you can see.

“While on the bus, on my way to the exams, I saw something totally awesome.  I saw a parrot on the backseat of a car, which was passing next to the bus.  A true bird it was too!”
“Oh my god! Was it flying or in a cage?”

“Neither flying nor in a cage.  It was just standing and staring out of the back windscreen.”
“Oh that place where people put the decorations and fluffy cotton things? You sure it wasn’t a ‘peluche?'”

“Pfffft… I’m not dumb.  Not that dumb anyway.”
“Yeah, but maybe you should wear glasses, lol.”

Indeed, the first strange and unusual thing I saw today was a true parrot, alive and all, staring out of a car’s windscreen.

“Bus conductor had a chat with me.  He saw ‘RCPL’ on my student ID and asked me whether I thought I had a chance to be a laureate.  I said none whatsoever.  Then he continued, telling me that in Mauritius right now, there’s no future.  It’s worth it only if I become a politician.  And that I should not return to the country after my tertiary studies.”
“Ah… sniff.”

You have to agree that it’s not everyday that a conductor will come and have a chat with one of his passengers and tell the latter his political views on things and all, right?

“While I was having a bath…”

“Which does happen from time to time.”

“… I saw a MUR200 note slipping out from my trousers’ backpocket.  When it eventually fell, I retrieved it and saw another note, this time a MUR100 one, folded in between the MUR200 note.  How cool’s that? Grand total of MUR300!”
“Grrr.  You’re making me jealous.”

Weird, surprising and lucky day.  All in one.  Ah, hols; hope boredom doesn’t creep in.

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2 Responses to “Couple (more) of weird things”

  1. 1 Hans 21 November, 2006 at 7:16 pm

    then I would just say : may good luck continue to accompany you through this holiday. yeah have a nice one buddy 😉 and enjoy yourself.

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