Music Collection part2

Back in March this year, my music collection took 2.47 GB on my pc.  These days, the number has evolved to 3.54 GB: a rough increase of about 1 GB.

My tastes are still more or less the small.  I enjoy slow rock, gothic rock, alternative and bit of pop music but the band that is now ever-present on my mp3 player is KEANE.  I can rant and rant about this band for ages.  Always liked their first album, Hopes and Fears, but I have to say that their second album is just too cool.  The music is very heavy and dark and the lyrics are much more researched.  In brief, KEANE is indeed my favourite band.

  1. Athlete [Album(s): Tourist Rating: Very cool]
  2. Avril Lavigne [Album(s): Let Go, Under My Skin Rating: Oh well…]
  3. Barenaked Ladies [Album(s): Various Rating: Not bad, need to listen more often]
  4. Coldplay [Album(s): X & Y Rating: Very good]
  5. Cranberries [Album(s): Best of Rating: Yes, yes!]
  6. Dean Gray [Album(s): American Edit Mash-ups from Greenday’s American Idiot Rating: Yeah!]
  7. Evanescence [Album(s): Fallen Track Rating: Not too bad]
  8. Fiddler on the Roof [Album(s): Fiddler on the Roof Rating: Good]
  9. Franz Ferdinand [Album(s): Franz Ferdinand + Various other tracks Rating: YEAH!]
  10. Gorillaz [Album(s): Various Rating: Ok]
  11. Greenday [Album(s): American Idiot Rating: Not too bad]
  12. James Blunt [Album(s): Back to bedlam Rating: Not too bad]
  13. Kasabian [Album(s): Kasabian Rating: Very cool]
  14. Katie Melua [Album(s): Various Rating: Yes, good]
  15. KEANE [Album(s): Hopes and Fears, Under the Iron Sea, Debut Singles including Call me what you like, Wolf at the Door, Somewhere only we know, Everybody’s changing and more.  Plus covers. Rating: AMAZING!]
  16. Keren Ann [Album(s): Not Going Anywhere Rating: Cool]
  17. Kyo [Album(s): Le chemin, 300 Lesions (?) Rating: Cool]
  18. Maroon5 [Album(s): Songs about Jane Rating: Tremendous]
  19. Misty Murphy [Album(s): Circles (incomplete) Rating: Yeah, well…]
  20. Nickelback [Album(s): Silver Side Up Rating: BAD BAD BAD]
  21. Oasis [Album(s): Best of Rating: Very cool]
  22. Queen [Album(s): Unknown album title Rating: Very funny]
  23. Red Hot Chilli Peppers [Album(s): Californication, Best of Rating: Cool cool]
  24. The Corrs [Album(s): Various Rating: Not bad]
  25. The Killers [Album(s): Hot Fuss Rating: Very cool]
  26. The Rasmus [Album(s): Peep, Playboy, Hell of a Tester, Hell of a Collection, Into, Dead Letters, Hide From the Sun and Guilty, the single Rating: Umm… don’t like]
  27. the verve [Album(s): Urban Hyms Rating: Good]
  28. Travis [Album(s): Various Rating: n/a]
  29. U2 [Album(s): Title Rating: n/a]
  30. Within Temptation [Album(s): Mother Earth, The Silent Force, Unknow album title Rating: Very cool]

So, looking back at my March 2006 list of songs, I find that I only have three new bands namely Barenaked Ladies, The Killers, the verve.

Song I’m listening to most for the time being:  Snowed Under, Somewhere only we know, KEANE
My personal best song: Nothing in my way, Under the Iron Sea, KEANE
Song I’ve most thoroughly enjoyed: The Way You Want It, Everybody’s changing, KEANE
Song always saved on my mp3 player: how soon is now, love spit love
All-time favourite band: KEANE
Cool band: Franz Ferdinand
A must try: Athlete

Yes to music!!! 

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1 Response to “Music Collection part2”

  1. 1 Avril Lavigne 27 August, 2008 at 2:24 am

    That would be sweet to go see Avril Lavigne in concert in Beijing China. Her tour date says it’s October 6th. After watching the olympics, I really want to visit Beijing now.

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