Why guys can’t understand girls?

It’s all happening over at fellow Mauritian blogger, Hans, on this post.  Here’s an appetiser:

You know the people I hang around with, telling me to go out with the
next girl I meet because life is so short, everything can happen and I
have to live every single moment of it. But then I can’t. I won’t feel
like cheating a girl or hurt her feelings. In fact with every girl I
went out : I tried that very best : being sincere, being the one I
think she would want me to be. In fact everytime I changed myself in
accordance to what she would be wanting from me. Just to make her
happy. I won’t feel human if I did something that would make her cry.
With my ex, I think I begged her so many times because I knew I hurt
her feelings.

Obviously I just had to reply and again, just a tiny part here.  Better you just click here.

Come on guys, get a grip on yourselves. My two best friends are
girls and my girlfriend is, well, a girl too! How is it possible for me
to get the ball rolling while you’re apparently unable to?

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend a girl totally, I admit
but I find that with some questions here and there, they will tell you
about it and all comes out. They tend to take seemingly silly things
(from a guy’s perspective at least) in a primordial manner but that’s
how they are. Really, if girls were the same as guys, wouldn’t life be

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