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Demo poetry

Enjoy the moment (demo)

by Khalil A. Cassimally

Open your eyes
And let them smile
Shine like lonely pearls
As white as your skin.

Cease being rude to yourself
The sky is blue
And grass is green
Enjoy the moment.

Naughty naughty little demons
Fly away from her
And let her have a day’s rest
Just a day’s rest
For her to open her eyes
And let them smile.

I call this poem a demo because I don’t really know the style and composition of this one.  Let’s just say that it’s experimental.

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What’s Epin?

Emtel’s latest service, Epin, is being greatly advertised by the company but I don’t think many people actually know how it works.

It is fairly simple, really.  Emtel has employed various “agents” around the island and thanks to the Epin service, you can hand any one of those agents some money (anything from MUR25 to MUR1000) and this agent will instantly credit your account with that amount minus the TVA, which is automatically deducted.  In other words, “refueling” one’s account is only a few keypad buttons away.

A friend of mine is an “agent” and I have been crediting my account through him ever since.  This is cool because I’m no longer limited to R50 or R125 scratch cards.  I can give him any sum I find appropriate.  Furthermore, the “agent” gets a commision on every purchase so I’m supporting him as well.  That’s always a good thing.

The only problem is that you now have to locate an agent.  Ah well…

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Poetry Thursday (My week 15.0)

Fading and faded

by Khalil A. Cassimally

Everywhere I look
I see people shaken and sad
Because they are ridiculed, mocked and laughed at
And I see the sun
Fading, just a bit.

At the circus, under the tents
The clown is no more cheered
He cries now
The world has changed and clowns represent sadness
And I see the sun
Fading, just a bit more.

The sun no longers cares
Why give light and warmth
To people who feed on sadness?

The heavens fall upon the earth
Everyone looks up
Angels sweep around them all
And yet, people run away yelling
And I see the stars
Fading, just a bit.

And I see the stars
Fading, just a bit
And I see the sun
Fading, just a bit
Fading and fading
Just a bit.

The notion of the good and the bad
Are fruits of greater minds
While we see sadness
As the catalyst to joy.

And no wonder the stars move away
And no wonder the sun is ashamed
What we have become
Is not what we were destined to be.

And I see the stars
Fading, just a bit
And I see the sun
Fading, just a bit
Fading and fading
Just a bit
Until they disappear
In darkness,
Darkness being a better place
Than here.

Fading and faded
Forever and ever again.


  • My poems are becoming much more like lyrics… which is kind of cool to a certain extent.
  • Check out Poetry Thursday and cry your heart out every Thursdays. The concept is simple: share poetry on your blog.

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Music Collection part2

Back in March this year, my music collection took 2.47 GB on my pc.  These days, the number has evolved to 3.54 GB: a rough increase of about 1 GB.

My tastes are still more or less the small.  I enjoy slow rock, gothic rock, alternative and bit of pop music but the band that is now ever-present on my mp3 player is KEANE.  I can rant and rant about this band for ages.  Always liked their first album, Hopes and Fears, but I have to say that their second album is just too cool.  The music is very heavy and dark and the lyrics are much more researched.  In brief, KEANE is indeed my favourite band.

  1. Athlete [Album(s): Tourist Rating: Very cool]
  2. Avril Lavigne [Album(s): Let Go, Under My Skin Rating: Oh well…]
  3. Barenaked Ladies [Album(s): Various Rating: Not bad, need to listen more often]
  4. Coldplay [Album(s): X & Y Rating: Very good]
  5. Cranberries [Album(s): Best of Rating: Yes, yes!]
  6. Dean Gray [Album(s): American Edit Mash-ups from Greenday’s American Idiot Rating: Yeah!]
  7. Evanescence [Album(s): Fallen Track Rating: Not too bad]
  8. Fiddler on the Roof [Album(s): Fiddler on the Roof Rating: Good]
  9. Franz Ferdinand [Album(s): Franz Ferdinand + Various other tracks Rating: YEAH!]
  10. Gorillaz [Album(s): Various Rating: Ok]
  11. Greenday [Album(s): American Idiot Rating: Not too bad]
  12. James Blunt [Album(s): Back to bedlam Rating: Not too bad]
  13. Kasabian [Album(s): Kasabian Rating: Very cool]
  14. Katie Melua [Album(s): Various Rating: Yes, good]
  15. KEANE [Album(s): Hopes and Fears, Under the Iron Sea, Debut Singles including Call me what you like, Wolf at the Door, Somewhere only we know, Everybody’s changing and more.  Plus covers. Rating: AMAZING!]
  16. Keren Ann [Album(s): Not Going Anywhere Rating: Cool]
  17. Kyo [Album(s): Le chemin, 300 Lesions (?) Rating: Cool]
  18. Maroon5 [Album(s): Songs about Jane Rating: Tremendous]
  19. Misty Murphy [Album(s): Circles (incomplete) Rating: Yeah, well…]
  20. Nickelback [Album(s): Silver Side Up Rating: BAD BAD BAD]
  21. Oasis [Album(s): Best of Rating: Very cool]
  22. Queen [Album(s): Unknown album title Rating: Very funny]
  23. Red Hot Chilli Peppers [Album(s): Californication, Best of Rating: Cool cool]
  24. The Corrs [Album(s): Various Rating: Not bad]
  25. The Killers [Album(s): Hot Fuss Rating: Very cool]
  26. The Rasmus [Album(s): Peep, Playboy, Hell of a Tester, Hell of a Collection, Into, Dead Letters, Hide From the Sun and Guilty, the single Rating: Umm… don’t like]
  27. the verve [Album(s): Urban Hyms Rating: Good]
  28. Travis [Album(s): Various Rating: n/a]
  29. U2 [Album(s): Title Rating: n/a]
  30. Within Temptation [Album(s): Mother Earth, The Silent Force, Unknow album title Rating: Very cool]

So, looking back at my March 2006 list of songs, I find that I only have three new bands namely Barenaked Ladies, The Killers, the verve.

Song I’m listening to most for the time being:  Snowed Under, Somewhere only we know, KEANE
My personal best song: Nothing in my way, Under the Iron Sea, KEANE
Song I’ve most thoroughly enjoyed: The Way You Want It, Everybody’s changing, KEANE
Song always saved on my mp3 player: how soon is now, love spit love
All-time favourite band: KEANE
Cool band: Franz Ferdinand
A must try: Athlete

Yes to music!!! 

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Poetry Thursday (My week 14.0)

Lady luck, my sister

by Khalil A. Cassimally

Lady luck sleeps in my bed every night
And shares my very own dreams every time,
The instant I close my eyes
She wipes out all of my tears.

Lady luck knows me more than even I do
She’s the loneliest person ever because she’s got me only
And the moment she calls me
I come and stay with her.

Lady luck, my lady luck
Who are you?
I whisper all my secrets to you
And you, you…?

Lady luck strokes my hair and tells me stories
Stories of princes and fairies
I sleep in her lap every night
When I wake up, she’s gone.

Lady luck, my lady luck
Where are you?
I feel lonely without you
And you, you?
Who are you?
I whisper all my secrets to you
And you, you…

Lady luck, my sister
How come you never talk to me?
Lady luck, my sister
When light comes, I start crying again.


  • I’ve got a sister and I’m glad.
  • Check out Poetry Thursday and cry your heart out every Thursdays. The concept is simple: share poetry on your blog.

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Why guys can’t understand girls?

It’s all happening over at fellow Mauritian blogger, Hans, on this post.  Here’s an appetiser:

You know the people I hang around with, telling me to go out with the
next girl I meet because life is so short, everything can happen and I
have to live every single moment of it. But then I can’t. I won’t feel
like cheating a girl or hurt her feelings. In fact with every girl I
went out : I tried that very best : being sincere, being the one I
think she would want me to be. In fact everytime I changed myself in
accordance to what she would be wanting from me. Just to make her
happy. I won’t feel human if I did something that would make her cry.
With my ex, I think I begged her so many times because I knew I hurt
her feelings.

Obviously I just had to reply and again, just a tiny part here.  Better you just click here.

Come on guys, get a grip on yourselves. My two best friends are
girls and my girlfriend is, well, a girl too! How is it possible for me
to get the ball rolling while you’re apparently unable to?

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend a girl totally, I admit
but I find that with some questions here and there, they will tell you
about it and all comes out. They tend to take seemingly silly things
(from a guy’s perspective at least) in a primordial manner but that’s
how they are. Really, if girls were the same as guys, wouldn’t life be

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What’s up in my life?

1. Best friends: I love you people.
2. My own company: sky media
3. Science is so very cool
4. 6 month sabbatical.




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