Liverpool playing right now

Dunno why I’m blogging this but I’m following the Liverpool v/s Maccabi Haifa match on bbc sports right now.  We won the first leg 2-1, meaning that if we win today, we’re through to the group stages.

UPDATE: GOAL!!! Peter Crouch’s header from a Pennant cross puts Liverpool in the lead after 53min. Looks like we’re going through!

UPDATE 2: 1-1

UPDATE 3: I was dreading this.  No we aren’t behind but the game’s still a draw at 1-1 and there’s 10min left on the clock.  Nail-biting moments, I might add.  If Maccabi scores now, it’ll most probably be added time.

UPDATE 4: 5min left and we’re still tied up.  IN other words we’re going through if the score stays as such.  We are winning 3-2 on aggregate.  I’m actually starting to tremble.

UPDATE 5: We’re in additional time and we’re still drawing.  We are in the group stage if you ask me.

UPDATE 6 (last one): We’re through! We’re through! Full-time score: Liverpool 1 – 1 Maccabi Haifa.  Liverpool win 3-2 on aggregate and progress to the group stage of the Champions League.

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2 Responses to “Liverpool playing right now”

  1. 1 LaSh 23 August, 2006 at 2:37 pm

    hehe 😀


    we MANAGED to go thru! 😀

  2. 2 Khalil A. 23 August, 2006 at 9:38 pm

    I suppose the important thing is that we actually got through. I’m sure the team will improve in some time though.

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