When the joke’s on us

Jokes are fun.  No way denying this, is there? But what happens when the joke’s on oneself? Or rather, when one targets oneself with the joke?

Telling a joke on oneself is, in my humble opinion, the big step towards becoming a true geek.  My dad actually loves to do this.  Dad’s is 45 or something and contrarily to the majority of people of that age, his hair is not white – not grey either – but pitch black.  Obviously, some people enjoy asking him which hair dye he uses.  Think they’ve deduced his secret, do they? If only they knew!

Well, instead of the conversation going like this (as it would have if The-know-it-all was talking to me):

The-know-it-all: Dark hair!
Dad: Yeah and I’m 45.

TKIA: Which dye do you use then?
Dad: WHAT??? It’s 100% natural man!

TKIA: Come off it!
Dad: It really is.  Ask my wife, she’ll tell you.

The conversation usually goes on like this:

The-know-it-all: Hey, your hair’s still dark, you know?
Dad: Um… hehe…

TKIA: Wonder how you do it?
Dad: Oh, you know… A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

TKIA: Ok, it’s no secrets, is it? I can see that it’s not your natural hair colour.  I’m not an idiot.
Dad: WOW! You’re good, man! Even I didn’t see any difference at first.  But on a closer look, I admit… it is darker than the natural black, isn’t it?

TKIA: Yeah, it sure it, pal.  So, anyway, which dye do you use to get it so dark?
Dad: Well, I don’t use those dyes full of chemicals, actually.

TKIA: So, which natural dye do you use, then?
Dad: Fine, fine… let me tell you my secret: I use shoe polish.

TKIA: Nooooooooooooo.
Dad: Yep.  And see how my hair is now.  Not white.  Not grey either.  See what I mean? Shoe polish is the best.

TKIA: And it certainly is cheaper!
Dad: Right you are again.  Man, you really are sharp aren’t you?

TKIA: Well, it was a bit obvious for you hair, I admit.  I mean, it is darker than normal.
Dad: Yeah, I’ll have to choose another polish, I think.


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