Poetry Thursday (My week 6.0)

by Khalil A. Cassimally

[No title]

One day you said no
I watched your determined face
I knew I had just lost my world.

The following day you said maybe
I observed your puzzled face
I wondered whether you were still mine.

Two days later you said yes
I surveyed your luminous face
I supposed you never had left me.

Three days later you said definetely
I followed you in your steps
I was electrified at the very thought of what we would do.

Four days later you said I should never have had
I quickly glanced at you tears
I believed it would be too hard watching them.

Five days later you said nothing
I waited for you to say something
I approached you but you backed off.

Your tears were those of fears
You smiles were vile
Your voice was foisted on me.

And yet I knew not what it was I did
I hid my body behind yours
I watched the night commend our actions
And like his servant I did what I was told.

And yet you laughed coldly
You breathed in faster
But I know (oh yes I do)
That you wanted it again.

So a week later you will say no
Two weeks later you will say maybe
Three weeks later you will say yes
Four weeks later you will say definetely
Five weeks later we will get back to square one.

Because I did something you wanted me to do.
Because I robbed you of something
Because now you see the whole world differently.


  • I’m late for Poetry Thursday but I just couldn’t get online yesterday so I thought I’d just post this today nonetheless.  Hope it’s ok.
  • Check out Poetry Thursday and cry your heart out every Thursdays. The concept is simple: share poetry on your blog.

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2 Responses to “Poetry Thursday (My week 6.0)”

  1. 1 Joseph 21 July, 2006 at 4:32 pm

    A relative of mine attended a course @ Labourdonnais hotel.What he told me made me feel really happy for him and sorry to have not participated to this event. Did you attend the training?What was your outcome?

  2. 2 Khalil A. 21 July, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    Um, it’s probably because I’m really dumb or something but I don’t think I understand what you’re referring to. Could you please elaborate? Thanks.

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