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When the joke’s on us

Jokes are fun.  No way denying this, is there? But what happens when the joke’s on oneself? Or rather, when one targets oneself with the joke?

Telling a joke on oneself is, in my humble opinion, the big step towards becoming a true geek.  My dad actually loves to do this.  Dad’s is 45 or something and contrarily to the majority of people of that age, his hair is not white – not grey either – but pitch black.  Obviously, some people enjoy asking him which hair dye he uses.  Think they’ve deduced his secret, do they? If only they knew!

Well, instead of the conversation going like this (as it would have if The-know-it-all was talking to me):

The-know-it-all: Dark hair!
Dad: Yeah and I’m 45.

TKIA: Which dye do you use then?
Dad: WHAT??? It’s 100% natural man!

TKIA: Come off it!
Dad: It really is.  Ask my wife, she’ll tell you.

The conversation usually goes on like this:

The-know-it-all: Hey, your hair’s still dark, you know?
Dad: Um… hehe…

TKIA: Wonder how you do it?
Dad: Oh, you know… A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

TKIA: Ok, it’s no secrets, is it? I can see that it’s not your natural hair colour.  I’m not an idiot.
Dad: WOW! You’re good, man! Even I didn’t see any difference at first.  But on a closer look, I admit… it is darker than the natural black, isn’t it?

TKIA: Yeah, it sure it, pal.  So, anyway, which dye do you use to get it so dark?
Dad: Well, I don’t use those dyes full of chemicals, actually.

TKIA: So, which natural dye do you use, then?
Dad: Fine, fine… let me tell you my secret: I use shoe polish.

TKIA: Nooooooooooooo.
Dad: Yep.  And see how my hair is now.  Not white.  Not grey either.  See what I mean? Shoe polish is the best.

TKIA: And it certainly is cheaper!
Dad: Right you are again.  Man, you really are sharp aren’t you?

TKIA: Well, it was a bit obvious for you hair, I admit.  I mean, it is darker than normal.
Dad: Yeah, I’ll have to choose another polish, I think.


New Liverpool FC kits

All the 5 brand new different kits have been revealed to the press this Monday.  These include Liverpool FC’s new Home kit + Home Goalkeeper kit, Away kit + Away Goalkeeper kit and European away kit.  Of course, there’s a bit fuss about it because, Liverpool FC are back with sponsors adidas, which injected (acquired) Reebok, previous supplier of the team.

From left to right: Jamie Carrager, Pepe Reina, Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso

Steven Gerrard posing with the new Home kit

Home Goalkeeper kit

Away kit

European Away kit

I really like the Home kit all right while the Away kit brings a strong sense of deja-vu.  The European Away kit? Well, not too bad.  But in any case, it’s really cool to see the white stripes and adidas logo back on the shirt.
Even if you are not a Liverpool FC supporter, you can’t deny that we’ve got style!

The Google font

It’s been a long time that I’ve been interested in adding the famous Google font to my collection but it’s only today that I really made a move and guess what? Yes, I have it!

Thing is, I always had the font but didn’t realise anything.  The Google font is Book Antiqua and I hear that it’s no more as common as it used to be on the web anymore.  If you’re interested in getting the font as well, just let me know and I’ll email you then.

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Simplicity of dedications

That big story of mine, well it’s edited and a couple my parents and two of my best friends have already read it as well.  I’m really happy with this fiction and well, I even dedicated it.

To all those who are special to me, that is to say, my parents and my friends, especially Zaz and Sul.

The thing about dedications is that it’s always something that pops in your mind spontaneously.  I mean, while editing the story, there was a little voice in my head that whispered “dedicate this story.”  Cool.  The following step then was to decide to whom I should dedicate the story.  But I already knew the answer.  I think I always did.

The story I wrote is about friendship in a foreign world.  Obviously, while writing it down, I had my own friends at the back of my mind and it’s without any surprises that I dedicated the story to them – and to my family too.  Well who would I have been without them, really.  Without my family, I mean.

Poetry Thursday (My week 6.0)

by Khalil A. Cassimally

[No title]

One day you said no
I watched your determined face
I knew I had just lost my world.

The following day you said maybe
I observed your puzzled face
I wondered whether you were still mine.

Two days later you said yes
I surveyed your luminous face
I supposed you never had left me.

Three days later you said definetely
I followed you in your steps
I was electrified at the very thought of what we would do.

Four days later you said I should never have had
I quickly glanced at you tears
I believed it would be too hard watching them.

Five days later you said nothing
I waited for you to say something
I approached you but you backed off.

Your tears were those of fears
You smiles were vile
Your voice was foisted on me.

And yet I knew not what it was I did
I hid my body behind yours
I watched the night commend our actions
And like his servant I did what I was told.

And yet you laughed coldly
You breathed in faster
But I know (oh yes I do)
That you wanted it again.

So a week later you will say no
Two weeks later you will say maybe
Three weeks later you will say yes
Four weeks later you will say definetely
Five weeks later we will get back to square one.

Because I did something you wanted me to do.
Because I robbed you of something
Because now you see the whole world differently.


  • I’m late for Poetry Thursday but I just couldn’t get online yesterday so I thought I’d just post this today nonetheless.  Hope it’s ok.
  • Check out Poetry Thursday and cry your heart out every Thursdays. The concept is simple: share poetry on your blog.

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I’m on hols and yet…

… I haven’t been online once in 4 days.  And now, I have to read the 28 emails that arrived in the intervening period.  Why this absence? Well, I’ve been playing The Sims2 and I’m hooked.

More later.

Update: I’m still hooked, especially that I’m now getting a hang on relationship thingy.  Hehe…

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A fiction I wrote

About some 8 months ago, I was truly inspired and wrote about… a balloon! Yep, you heard well… a balloon.  The story runs through 6 pages (longest piece of finished fiction I ever wrote) and I firmly believe that all 6 pages are dead important and all.

I’ve got really big plans for this story and I’m even thinking that it may well be the story that gets me published in one of those great literary sites (or their print versions) I love.  I even have a couple of sites in my mind right now, too.  But first of all, the story has to be edited.  My dad already scanned it and I will have to work on structure and make some usual grammar corrections as usual.  I hope that it comes out all neatly in the end though.

But for the time being, I’d like to share a tiny little piece of the story.  The ending actually.

That was it, I thought.  I comprehended that the Flamboyant was going to be my place for as long as I wished it to me.  For as long as felt like it.  For as long as I would wait before embarking in the next adventure.  Before jumping into the adventure of afterlife.

I shut my senses.  I thought I was ready to go.  But then I wasn’t.  I was still afraid and was still clinching on the thread of life.  I wanted to go but I didn’t want to go nonetheless.  I was still incomplete in my soul.  At least I still felt incomplete.

I dreamed (whether it was a daydream, I know not).  I dreamed about my friend, the man.  I dreamed about the pomegranate trees.  I also dreamed about Little robin.  And that dream was so detailed and passionate that I thought it wasn’t a dream at all.

I saw Little robin hopping towards me, just like the first time, except that we were on the Flamboyant instead of in a muddy pond.  I saw Little robin approach.  It stared at me for some  time and started to chat, just like last time.  However, the sound it issued was more peaceful, almost reassuring.  I think I smiled.  Little robin came closer still.  It watched me again for some seconds.  Then it pecked me just like it had done.  It didn’t hurt this time.  It didn’t hurt because I was ready.  I was ready to go.  I was ready to leave.  I was ready to die.

Little robin whispered something to me.  I felt like I understood.  Then Little robin did what it was expected to do.  It saved me again.  It pecked.

Update: The story is edited and even dedicated.  Here’s the dedication by the way: “To those who are special to me: my family and friends, especially Zaz and Sul.”  Dedication is a weird thing to do.  I’ll have to write about it one day.

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