The column revival

So after many many months, I’m finally going to publish an article over at my backwash column, Not Scientific Science.  There are no links whatsoever in this below version, but i’ll drop a link in here so that you can check the final version of the article when it’s published at backwash.

I was also thinking about writing on how I got the idea and how I proceeded to write it in the first place, as well.  We’ll see.

The WOW list
by Khalil A. Cassimally aka NotScientific.

In no particular order.

1.Your body produces about 80 million neutrophils per minute.  Neutrophils form about 60% of all white blood cells travelling in the blood-flow.  White blood cells are those cells which fight pathogens during an infection.  Now, that makes you wonder how many cells your body actually produces in one day, doesn’t it?

2.Next time you’re in the loo, do recall to take to take a long and good sniff before you flush.  No jokes! Then think how your body’s inside stinks.

3.Homosexual animals exist, in case you didn’t know.  Male big horn sheeps bond through anal intercourse and genital licking and yes, ejaculation does occur.  Other gay animals include giraffes, bottlenose dolphins, killer whales and gray whales amongst others.  With this, some scientists are starting to question Darwin’s sexual selection because the father of biology apparently neglected all gay animals.  Oh yeah, Japanese macaques are lesbians by the way.

4.According to de Broglie’s wave-particle duality theory, any wave can also be treated as particles and consequently one can also expect a particle to act like a wave, in some circumstances.  But when does a wave actually behave as a particle or vice-versa? Bring on the next Einstein, I say!

5.Einstein’s theory of relativity.  Don’t worry it’s in simple terms.  I mean, it is in plain English all right.

6.A vaccine is in fact an injection of antigenic material, which may be dead pathogens or some living one themselves.  This results in an immune response.  The immune system is, in this way, prepared for any “natural” attacks by this same pathogen that may occur in the future.

7.HIV is short for Human Immunodeficiency Virus while AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.  As you see, the causative agent is HIV while the disease is AIDS and not vice-versa. Not to be confused, people.

8.Bind two amino acids together and you’ll end up with a dipeptide.  Bind three of them and you’ll obtain a tripeptide.  Now, bind many hyundreds of them and you’ll get a protein.  Now same thing with nucleotides: bind two of them to get a dinucleotide, three of them and you get a trinucleotide and a multitude of them so you get a nucleic acid.  Yep, RNA and DNA and stuff.

9.Biology + Chemistry = Biochemistry, Physics + Chemistry = Physical Chemistry, Biology + Physics = Biophysics!


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