Nomore drama?

Last year I went on stage for the second time in my life, ironically taking part in the very same play of my first steps on stage, namely Shakespeare‘s Macbeth.  Being on stage is a magical moment.  When you’re playing a certain character, you completely forget about your own life.  This life isn’t part of you during those hours that the play is on and the lights are out.  Indeed, drama is a way of escaping from reality and all of its associated pressures.

This year, I was contacted again by the production team (Atelier Theatre de Pierre Poivre) to join in the fun.  This year they’re staging Femmes Savantes, from Moliere and I was short-listed.  I was thrilled.  I was relishing to get back under the spotlights and be part of the team.  Unfortunately this year also marks the year of my A level’s.

Femmes Savantes will be on stage during the beginning of October for a period of two days.  Two days only! When the production told me about this, I thought it was all so stupid to play during only two days.  All these nights of rehearsals for two days only, you’ll agree with me, seems to be a little weird.  However, a plan was forming in my mind: when I’ll tell my mum about the play and ask for permission to be part of it, I’ll have to put emphasis on the fact that we’ll only be at the MGI theatre for two days and how it won’t probably disturb my revision plans or anything.  Yeah, mum was sure to give me the green lights, I thought.

Wrong! Mum refused instantly.  And when I tried to emphasise on the two days, she sarcastically asked whether the hours of rehearsals which have to be respected will not on their part affect my revision plans.  I was beaten.  If I told her that no, the rehearsals will not affect my revision plans, she’d have refuted and it’d have been a moral talk for me, killing the following 20 minutes minimum.  Obviously, if I said this:

“It might disturb my revision plans but…”
“No buts, it will disturb your revision, you just said so yourself.”

“I said it might!”
“Well, you definitely won’t take the risk then.”

“You can go on stage next year, no prob.  Discussion closed.”

So, instead of risking a moral class or a lost-in-advance war of the worlds, I just shut up and never mentioned it again.  Guess, I’ll be in the seats watching the guys perform then.

Ah well, maybe next year, as my mum said… maybe next year.


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