Girls make really good friends

I've been feeling quite lonely these days. I don't why but it seems that there's a certain pattern in my mood swings. I mean, everytime I get all over-excited about a certain thing (or for not reason at all), I end up becoming all moody and lonely at the end of the day.

I guess you'll say that for a teenager, being moody is just part of life. And maybe you're right as well. But lonely, I ask you? I've never had some many good friends in my life before. I can connect with them and I can share loads of stuff with them. I've been feeling really close to my girlfriend during these past week as well and yet, the fact remains that I'm feeling lonely. For reason at all, apparently.

When I was in Form 3, four years ago, I always wondered how it was to be really good friends with a girl. No dating or anything – that's another thing – but, I was always speculating on how cool and refreshing and nice it'll be to become best friends with someone of the opposite sex. You know, just like the guys on those teen shows were pals with the girls. Now I know… And I can tell.

Girls are different from boys. Ok, you probably already knew this. With boys, it's all fun and games. Among peers, boys talk about girls, football, girls, some more football and girls again. That's it, and man, isn't it cool sometimes? But we don't talk about our lives among guys. No way. Except in extreme cases; then it does happen.

With girls however, it's radically different. I can talk about anything (anything at all) and get funny cute answers as well. Those answers are more or less like those below:

Conversation starts at 22:02

"You know, I'm feeling real lonely right now.Pfff…"
"Hey are you ok? Guess you're missing someone special dear… Dunno what to say!!"

"I'm meeting her tomorrow actually! How cool's that? But still… Pfff…"
"Getting the blues are you?"

"Now, what the hell does that mean?"
"Lol. Go check the dictionary. Reminds me of 'pescatarian' and 'womyn' those funny words you made me look for."

"Hehe, wicked! Hey, thanks for being there for me."
"You're a very nice guy Khalil and you listen to me when I blow up too."

"Do I? Man, let me tell you that I don't understand a thing when you get all emotional. I'm a guy, remember? Those things are too complicated for me. Lol."
"Naughty boy 🙂 Umm, can I go back to sleep now?"

Conversation ends at 22:48

Girls understand guys in a very profound manner. Maybe it does not work the other way round, I'm not too sure. But I'm confident that boys do bring something special in their own way:

Conversation starts at 23:10

"Did I ever tell you that I love your lustrous hair? I should, because that's true."
"Thankie! How are you doing?"

"You should know! I would never have given you such a compliment if I was doing ok. Lol."
"Hey!!!!!! What's up? You want to talk about it?"

"It's just that, I dunno, I'm missing you terribly and I'm kind of feeling lonely."
"Ooh, I miss you too. I love you K. Let's talk…"

Conversation ends at 02:11

When you're really intimate with some girls, you can actually talk about other quite spicy things as well. Besides, you even get to know different things from their points of view, which is always important:

Conversation starts at 20:34

"Hehe, how can I feel lonely? Two girls are texting me!"
"Cool then… What can I say? You're lucky! I'm doing a maths paper here!"

"You know what phone sex is, right? Just asking and telling you that I'll probably have a long night. At least you won't be the only one going to sleep late, tonight. I dunno why I'm telling you this. Maybe boosting a little bit."
"Well… um… (phew). At least I won't be the only one sleeping late, true. Lol! Have a good night! =P"

…90 mins later

"I dunno whether you're still here but she didn't want to have phone sex tonight. Lol, making me feel all stupid about our last conversation."

…Following morning

"Poor you. I'm asking myself why guys are so obsessed though. I guess, the women are frustrating sometimes."

Conversation ends later that day.

In brief, boys swell and can make pretty damn cool friends. Girls however, are much more delicate and you have to really understand them in order to become more intimate. When you do, it's very fun and satisfying. Obviously, you'll also have to be by their side when they need you. That's what friends are all about.

In Form 5, I was really very introvert and did not talk with any girls in tuition. In the meantime, I saw my friends talk about different girls at school and the conversations they were having. I always secretely wished I were in their place. Now however, that's all changed. When I hear those same conversations, I realise that after all, those guys don't have that same friendship that I have with a couple of girls. And after some time, I also recognised that maybe they're longing for one true friendship with a girl too. I wish them luck because it's really quite an experience.

I'm happy and lucky to have those great friends in my life and I really shouldn't be feeling lonely at all, I know. I promise I'll make an effort.


2 Responses to “Girls make really good friends”

  1. 1 saima 12 April, 2008 at 11:00 am

    girls are different from boys in body structure girls have beautiful chest but boby dont have such but boys have something special between their legs but girls dont have

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