Strange dream

I had a dream tonight and the most incredible thing of them all is that it's not the first time I'm having it.

Of course, there are dreams like the famous falling dream or flying dream, which some people tend to have over and over again.  Mine dealt with the feeling of falling from a certain height: vertigo.  At least to a certain extent.
The dream starts with me walking.  Walking on hard, dry, light brown soil.  I think I just left the school premises and I'm walking along the motorway.  Thing is, it's like I'm on a canyon.  The vehicles are moving below and I'm really high up.  Picture the American Indians in Lucky Luke on there canyon while the army is passing below.  That's exactly how my dream was except that it had me and the cars below instead! Everytime I look downward, this fear of falling grasps me but still I walk.  Then comes a point where the path I'm following ends.  I swear I could feel my heartbeat accelerate because I sort of knew that in order to continue the journey to god-knows-where, I had to go to the other side of the canyon: that is jump from one side to the other.  If you remember well, I'm really high up above a busy motorway and that's exactly what I'll have to cross.

I'm 100% positive that I had this dream before and I'm very confident that the next part of the dream was also quite the similar (if not the same) to the past one.  In the dream, I really was at cross-roads.  I had to continue the journey and yet I knew, deep inside, that I wouldn't possibly be able to jump from one side of the canyon to the other.

After some time, in the distance, I see two friends walking.  They are making their way towards me.  But wait a minute! I know these people.  They are in the same class as I am and most surprisingly, they are not what one would describe as close friends.  So what the hell are they doing in my dream?

In any case, those two friends are approaching and they notice me.  However they continue their way along the canyon.  And they don't seem to have any intention whatsoever of jumping from one side to the other, like I had.  One of the friends then points to me the way they are following.  I think that's the right path.  I'm suddenly really relieved and I retreat and make my way towards them.  There's one more thing I noticed: while following them, I realised that I was walking around a sort of crater, filled with water.  And the vertigo feeling came from time to time as well.  Obviously, that's how the dream was supposed to end.  Although it didn't quite end here.

It'll be too boring to go on ranting about what happened next but let me just point out that I ended up in a chiness school with an over-excited young fellow at the end of the journey.  Then, I have absolutely no idea how, I arrived at Caudan Waterfront, and bought some food from a blind merchant! He was a really nice man and I think I liked him.

© Copyright Pascal Nardon
That's where the blind merchant was situated in my dream 

There's even more to that dream, you know but maybe it's getting a little too ridiculaous.


2 Responses to “Strange dream”

  1. 1 fenster 8 June, 2006 at 12:51 pm

    Surreal, the problem with me is that my sleeping pattern means I typically don’t remember dreams (I sleep solidly for eight hours) and when I do, I don’t transcribe them in detail as I’m not really a fan of extensive exposition. I think that in future I should outsource the writin of my captions to you, who has such skill with a pen.

  2. 2 khalil 8 June, 2006 at 1:22 pm

    I think that in future I should outsource the writin of my captions to you, who has such skill with a pen.

    It’ll be a pleasure. Thanks for the compliment.

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