There’s something that might happen to you too

Today was always going to be boring.  I am staying put at home today because I don't have exams and I'm really grateful for this.  (I mean, exams are tiring.) The moment I woke up at half past nine this morning, I felt my throat ache.  This couldn't be a good sign, could it? I had a cold/flu, damn it.

And when you have a cold/flu, guess what's on for lunch… soup.  After having microwaved my bowl of soup I made my way in front of the tv to watch the BBC's Click.  Nothing new here.  Nothing new to my monotonous life, I mean, because Click on the other hand is always full of new stuff: technology, websites and other internet things.

As it goes without saying these days, my celphone was with me while I was having my soup and text messages were arriving every two minutes or so.  I was – inevitably – replying every two minutes or so as well.  Then something terrible happened.  My celphone actually slipped from my hand and down it went into the soup! The ironic thing is that I was, like, joking about something like this happening only hours ago and damn, it happened right then.

I quickly came back to my senses though.  I removed the celphone from the soup (maybe you would've done that too) and pressed the "send" button thereby ensuring that I'll get a reply to the text message I was typing before the device went into my food, in the following two minutes.  Then without thinking, I locked the phone and stuffed it into my shirt (I mean the one I was wearing at that time) and, well you got the picture.  The shirt ended up full of soup of course but the most important thing is my celphone after all.

Then I did the usual stuff, like removing the battery and making sure that it was not wet or anything and I started cleaning the keypad.  That was the most difficult part.  The soup had soaked in between the keys and it was damn difficult to remove.  But some pieces of tissue paper did the trick, I'll say.

Well, for the time being the celphone is working normally and it's probably forgotten about the incident – at least I hope it did.  However it still has the smell of the soup!

Moral of the story: never place your celphone in such a position that it's right above your bowl of food while you're texting.  Although texting while eating is in itself not that much of a problem, really.  Just make sure your parents aren't around.  And don't tell them I told you anything about texting while eating if you're caught.


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