A couple (to be taken literally, though to a certain approximation – whatever that may mean) of months ago, I think I barely texted.  Really, some of my friends texted when Liverpool lost to take the mickey or when they wanted to shed some light on some work or homework. The only person I texted on quite a regular basis was my girlfriend.  I averaged like, the 40 messages per week or something.  That's only a mere MUR24 per week for the celphone.

Fast forward to the present and things are a little different.  Well, more than a little.  I text much more regularly and I don't only text one person.  Inevitably I usually use my MUR125 celphone credit in about a week and a half.  In other words, I'm texting about, not twice, but thrice as much as I used to!

Where does this all converge? It's quite simple actually, the more person you text, the more person you're knowing and the more person you're liking.  Me texting thrice as much simply means that I'm getting to know more people and that I'm liking more people.  Indeed, what would life would have been without friends.

Once, I had a best friend.  We were always sticking around together.  The friendship never really ended but he ended up emigrating to the Uk about two years ago, so you sort of get the picture.  Thing is, when he departed I just moved on but all the same, I really only stood still.  For one year and a half I didn't really have somebody with whom I could associate myself as being best friends with.  I did have friends, mind you.  Of course, I still do have friends too.  But none of them were nearly as close as I once was with that best friend.  And then, it all changed.

For some times now, I've been steadily getting more and more extrovert.  "I'm only just getting out of my cocoon now," as someone dear to me told me.  She's right, I suppose but I'm glad I am.  What helped me to change, I know not; might have been drama and going on stage, or the fact that I'm growing up or surely the mere factor of my maturity.  It probably is a mixture of all of these in the end.

Presently, I'm texting loads and I consider myself close to 2 persons in particular: my girlfriend and my all new best 'girl'friend.  Since I started sending and receiving messages from on her, I realise that my vision of life has changed a bit.  For instance, I always thought about leaving the country for Uni as soon as I possibly can but do I really want o leave now? Now that I've got people whom I really like, do I want to leave them behind?

Making friends is just like an exponential graph, when you make one good friend, you usually make other friends quite quickly and that's exactly what's happened.  I've made really really good friends with really really great people with other people in the time that followed and I'm happy.  I'm happy about it as I possibly can.  And for the second time in my life I can really say that friends really make the world a lovely place.

Thank you people.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some time with me. 


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