Tonight, that is to say the one that is well over… ok well… I went to sleep at 4.30 a.m. What was I doing? Working from 10.00 p.m to 4.00 a.m. I don't want to boost or anything – just a little tiny bit maybe – but, no, there really is nothing to be proud of.

Everybody needs a certain amount of sleep and I only got 4 hours out of the recommended 8 hours today. Looks like my life is rotating around a cup of coffee these days. Coffee = stay up till late at night; no coffee = drop to bed.

I'm not, however, the only one who's going to sleep so late. Actually, some of my friends at school do go to sleep as late or even later (they don't seem to go to sleep at all, coming to think of it) than I do. That made me think: if I'm not the only one who's getting only a few hours of sleep then I'm not "standing out from the crowd," am I? In other words, it means that it is like, normal, to be staying up till so late. We can thus conclude that the problem doesn't lie with me nor with my friends, but rather with something else. But what?

That made me think: if everybody's going to sleep late because of work load and revision, then does that mean that the work load is too hectic? Well, not necessarily. However it might well mean that the system of education we are currently incurred in is just shit. It's so competitive actually, that poor little souls of 17 and 18 have to work their asses out till early morning in order to try and get a scholarship or something close for further studies. It should be noted that many of those students who really want to get a scholarship usually are really that good. They get the concept right and they use their logic to solve problems. Fine, you think. That's it. Well, in the system of education we're in, that isn't it at all! Nowadays, the logic isn't all. In fact, sometimes I ask myself whether it really is the primordial aim of our education system. It seems that the education system wants you to do things exactly as they want you to do things. I mean, we are not robots, damn it. We are not like this:

Teacher: 1+2=3

Student: 1+2=3

Teacher: 1+2=?

Student: 3!

Teacher: Good work, kid. Now let's move on to "2+1." So 2+1=?

Student: umm…

Teacher: 2+1=3

Student: 2+1=3

Teacher: 2+1=?

Student: 3!

Teacher: Excellent. Now, 1+1+1=?

Student: umm…

But that's exactly what they want us to become. That's exactly what the system wants us to become. As long as you're productive, there's no need to be creative. Fuck the system, I say.

What I want say is this: working exam questions on and on and on (and on) and forcing the kid to work so hard, doesn't in any way contribute to the personality or well-being of the kid. If he gets the concepts right, it goes without saying that he'll be able to solve any problems. But then…

Pfff… stressful to write about this.

Update:  If for some obscure reasons, you want to go sleep late, try these.  That's usually what I do.  Please do note that I won't be responsible if you turn out paranoid tomorrow.

1.  Drink coffee.

2.  Text interesting friends.

3.  Listen to music.

4.  Drink a 2nd cup of coffee.

5.  Drink a 3rd cup of coffee.

6.  And drink a 4th cup of coffee.

I only drink a max. of 2 cups of coffee per day mind.  But you might try and let me know about it.


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