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Don’t let your mum know what you’re blogging about

I really think I got a brainstorm.  Here's a comment I posted over on this post at a really nice blog, Show & Tell.  (I really love the blog's banner too.)

Ok, I've been thinking about blogging about things you don't want other people, whom you know in real life, to know about.  Primarily because that's one of my blogging problems.  And I think I came up with a pretty nice way solution. What about writing a short sentence like, Note that this post may be complete fiction – although it may as well contain some pieces of truth, or not?

What do you think? In this way, the reader does not know whether what you're writing about is a true thing that happened or whether it's straight from your mind! The only snag: you do have to write from time to time.

 I think that's a damn cool solution to a heck of a lot of problems.


My passion for writing

I have been told by several friends, that I write really well. Obviously, every time I get such a compliment, I feel very proud but most importantly, I feel really happy. Finally, after two years that I have been writing on a more regular basis, my work is being read and appreciated by people. That's really a very cool feeling indeed.

However some people still think that le coup de plume runs in the blood. This is true to a certain extent only, I'll say. I have to admit that I do not have make any great efforts so that the story I'm writing has a certain flow. I comes quite naturally.

Writing though, is not only being able to have a flow in the story one writes. Writing is always coupled with research, organisation, dedication, frustration and an agonising wait.

My love for writing germinated some ten eight years ago, in Standard 6, when we had to write a 150-word composition. I was (still am) really lazy and dad had to do something to make me start to write. One night, he became furious with my incapability to actually write some decent English and ordered me to wake up early the next day and have two full compositions ready for him.

I woke up early and started writing. I remember only one of the compositions I wrote that morning. The composition was about two neighbours. One was a musician and he was always playing his guitar till late at night. This, inevitably infuriated his neighbour. One day however, there was no music to be heard at night. The musician's neighbour pleasantly surprised at first. He thought that for once, he'll be able to have a good night's sleep. Unfortunately he did not. He was sort of missing the music. Like in the way, a person who has been living on a busy and noisy road cannot sleep properly when in a quiet appartment.

I also remember how I could not convey this very message. I could not describe how what the musician's neighbour felt when he could not sleep although there was no music. The everyday life pattern has changed and that did not go along with him.

After these two compositions, I cannot really remember but the writer in me had been lighted. I then remember how I was writing names of characters on a sheet of paper – and using it as a casting sheet.  I was using the same characters over and over again.  My characters were like actors and they played different roles in different stories.

I began writing just for the fun of it and that was pretty much it.  I was a writer although I didn't know about that back then.  I considered myself as I writer some six months ago, when I was pubilshed in News on Sunday, a Mauritian weekly.  At present times, I write non-fiction, especially science, creative non-fiction, fiction and random poetry lines. And I love it.

That's the most important thing, I guess.  Whether other people like what I'm writing or not is important to me.  But the most important thing is whether I'm enjoying myself while I'm writing.

And yes, I am… 

Poetry Thursday

by Khalil A. Cassimally


The shade of friendship

To see me in this shade
Is comfort to me
Because being in your shade
Is much better than being illuminated by the sun.

Friendship is everything, really
It's a voice that whispers delicate words to mine ears
It's a hand that holds me when I'm falling
It's an eye that always looks upon me when I'm alone.

Without friendship,
I would be standing in the shade of the sun
And would fall in love with something
As far away as a star.

With friendship,
I am standing in the shade of a heart
And falling in love with the music it sings
Everytime I come nearer.

To see me in this shade
Makes me feel at home
To see me as a shade
Makes me feel in heaven.

That's friendship
That's what it's all about
So, don't blame the sun
Don't blame me
Don't blame friendship either.
[Blame yourself.]


  • This poem was inspired from a line of Jeffrey Yamaguchi's poem.  That special line being: To see me in this shade.  Thanks for sharing it with me, Jeffrey!
  • Check out Poetry Thursday and cry your heart out every Thursdays.  The concept is simple: share poetry on your blog.

For fun

If you've got nothing to do on the web, you might want to check this really cool place and make one of those for you as well.


Exams and sky media

Pretty hectic combination if you ask me.  I'm in exams and I've got a hectic week ahead:3 biology papers, 2 chemistry papers and 2 maths papers.

And I'm also working on The Clown's Graveyard which is due to be released imminently now.  But working on publishing feels so great, so I don't mind.

Nor will I complain. 

There’s something that might happen to you too

Today was always going to be boring.  I am staying put at home today because I don't have exams and I'm really grateful for this.  (I mean, exams are tiring.) The moment I woke up at half past nine this morning, I felt my throat ache.  This couldn't be a good sign, could it? I had a cold/flu, damn it.

And when you have a cold/flu, guess what's on for lunch… soup.  After having microwaved my bowl of soup I made my way in front of the tv to watch the BBC's Click.  Nothing new here.  Nothing new to my monotonous life, I mean, because Click on the other hand is always full of new stuff: technology, websites and other internet things.

As it goes without saying these days, my celphone was with me while I was having my soup and text messages were arriving every two minutes or so.  I was – inevitably – replying every two minutes or so as well.  Then something terrible happened.  My celphone actually slipped from my hand and down it went into the soup! The ironic thing is that I was, like, joking about something like this happening only hours ago and damn, it happened right then.

I quickly came back to my senses though.  I removed the celphone from the soup (maybe you would've done that too) and pressed the "send" button thereby ensuring that I'll get a reply to the text message I was typing before the device went into my food, in the following two minutes.  Then without thinking, I locked the phone and stuffed it into my shirt (I mean the one I was wearing at that time) and, well you got the picture.  The shirt ended up full of soup of course but the most important thing is my celphone after all.

Then I did the usual stuff, like removing the battery and making sure that it was not wet or anything and I started cleaning the keypad.  That was the most difficult part.  The soup had soaked in between the keys and it was damn difficult to remove.  But some pieces of tissue paper did the trick, I'll say.

Well, for the time being the celphone is working normally and it's probably forgotten about the incident – at least I hope it did.  However it still has the smell of the soup!

Moral of the story: never place your celphone in such a position that it's right above your bowl of food while you're texting.  Although texting while eating is in itself not that much of a problem, really.  Just make sure your parents aren't around.  And don't tell them I told you anything about texting while eating if you're caught.


A couple (to be taken literally, though to a certain approximation – whatever that may mean) of months ago, I think I barely texted.  Really, some of my friends texted when Liverpool lost to take the mickey or when they wanted to shed some light on some work or homework. The only person I texted on quite a regular basis was my girlfriend.  I averaged like, the 40 messages per week or something.  That's only a mere MUR24 per week for the celphone.

Fast forward to the present and things are a little different.  Well, more than a little.  I text much more regularly and I don't only text one person.  Inevitably I usually use my MUR125 celphone credit in about a week and a half.  In other words, I'm texting about, not twice, but thrice as much as I used to!

Where does this all converge? It's quite simple actually, the more person you text, the more person you're knowing and the more person you're liking.  Me texting thrice as much simply means that I'm getting to know more people and that I'm liking more people.  Indeed, what would life would have been without friends.

Once, I had a best friend.  We were always sticking around together.  The friendship never really ended but he ended up emigrating to the Uk about two years ago, so you sort of get the picture.  Thing is, when he departed I just moved on but all the same, I really only stood still.  For one year and a half I didn't really have somebody with whom I could associate myself as being best friends with.  I did have friends, mind you.  Of course, I still do have friends too.  But none of them were nearly as close as I once was with that best friend.  And then, it all changed.

For some times now, I've been steadily getting more and more extrovert.  "I'm only just getting out of my cocoon now," as someone dear to me told me.  She's right, I suppose but I'm glad I am.  What helped me to change, I know not; might have been drama and going on stage, or the fact that I'm growing up or surely the mere factor of my maturity.  It probably is a mixture of all of these in the end.

Presently, I'm texting loads and I consider myself close to 2 persons in particular: my girlfriend and my all new best 'girl'friend.  Since I started sending and receiving messages from on her, I realise that my vision of life has changed a bit.  For instance, I always thought about leaving the country for Uni as soon as I possibly can but do I really want o leave now? Now that I've got people whom I really like, do I want to leave them behind?

Making friends is just like an exponential graph, when you make one good friend, you usually make other friends quite quickly and that's exactly what's happened.  I've made really really good friends with really really great people with other people in the time that followed and I'm happy.  I'm happy about it as I possibly can.  And for the second time in my life I can really say that friends really make the world a lovely place.

Thank you people.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some time with me. 

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What’s up in my life?

1. Best friends: I love you people.
2. My own company: sky media
3. Science is so very cool
4. 6 month sabbatical.




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