Music Collection

American Idiot, Dean Gray

I really started listening to music about a year ago. I was introduced to the mainstream music craze by a friend and the first mp3’s that got saved on the laptop were those of Avril Lavigne. Nowadays, I still listen to Avril but I listen to other bands as well. Type of music? Well, it depends really: rock, pop and alternative mainly.Anyway I wanted to share my relatively small 2.47 G.B music library arranged in alphabetical order:

  1. Athlete [Album(s): Tourist Rating: Good]
  2. Avril Lavigne [Album(s): Let Go, Under My Skin Rating: Ok]
  3. Coldplay [Album(s): X & Y Rating: Good]
  4. Cranberries [Album(s): Best of Rating: Hell YEAH]
  5. Dean Gray [Album(s): American Edit Mash-ups from American Idiot Rating: Hell YEAH]
  6. Evanescence [Album(s): Fallen Track, Unknown album title Rating: Ok]
  7. Fiddler on the Roof [Album(s): Fiddler on the Roof Rating: Good]
  8. Franz Ferdinand [Album(s): Various Rating: Hell YEAH]
  9. Gorillaz [Album(s): Gorillaz Collection Rating: Ok]
  10. Greenday [Album(s): American Idiot Rating: Good]
  11. James Blunt [Album(s): Back to bedlam Rating: Good]
  12. Kasabian [Album(s): Kasabian Rating: Sometimes really good]
  13. Katie Melua [Album(s): Various Rating: Sometimes really good]
  14. KEANE [Album(s): Hopes and Fear Rating: Hell YEAH]
  15. Keren Ann [Album(s): Not Going Anywhere Rating: Good]
  16. The Killers [Album(s): Hot Fuss Rating: Hell YEAH]
  17. Kyo [Album(s): Le chemin, Other album Rating: Good]
  18. Maroon5 [Album(s): Songs about Jane Rating: Hell YEAH]
  19. Misty Murphy [Album(s): Circles Rating: Umm ok, I guess]
  20. Nickelback [Album(s): Silver Side Up Rating: Yuk, no way!]
  21. Oasis [Album(s): Various Rating: Good]
  22. Queen [Album(s): Unknown album title Rating: Sometimes really good]
  23. Red Hot Chilli Peppers [Album(s): Californication Rating: Didn’t like]
  24. The Corrs [Album(s): Various Rating: Good]
  25. Travis [Album(s): Various Rating: n/a]
  26. U2 [Album(s): Title Rating: n/a]
  27. Within Temptation [Album(s): Mother Earth, The Silent Force, Unknown album title Rating: Hell YEAH]

Obviously I’ve also got some “stand alone? songs like Greenday’s past songs and some tracks from here and there, including Liverpool’s mythic “You’ll Never Walk Alone.?

Song I’m listening to most for the time being: Track 6, Songs about Jane, Maroon5
My personal best song: Nine Million Bicycles, Piece by Piece, Katie Melua
Song I’ve most thoroughly enjoyed: On top, Hot Fuss, The Killers
Song always saved on my mp3 player: Walk Away, You could have it so much better…, Franz Ferdinand
All-time favourite band: Oasis
Cool band: Kyo
A must try: Kasabian
I’m looking for: Arctic Monkeys, Maximo park, Kate Tunstall, Kelly Clarkson

Yes to music!!!


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