Entitled: About the only Wil I know

I am writing this entry but I don’t even know what I’m going to write about. Ever had this compulsion to write? I mean, you’re just watching a local documentary on tv, about the emerging writers of your small island, and then suddenly you just feel like you have to write. It just falls on you and moments later you’re in a cage. A cage that can only be opened if you write it open.

“But what to write about??
“That’s why you have a blog.?

“Yeah, I know.?
“But others don’t. Write whatever’s on your mind.?

That’s not what happened however. I had many ideas of posts for this blog but I am lazy and with the PC around, I find that I’m just pushing everything worth doing for later hours only to surf on the net. And you know what happens next if one conceal the writer in ones? Writer’s block.

But this time around, there won’t be any writer’s block because I’ve discovered the magic of podcasting. No, I’m not doing any radio shows but a certain Wil Wheaton is. I’ve been a fan of Wil’s for about a year, I think. In fact, I can’t recall when I started reading his blog. But man, I’ve been hooked, not by my first visit though.

People say that one shouldn’t make an opinion of others just by looking at them. I suppose, that’s true for a website as well. When I first visited wil wheaton dot net, apparently a year ago, I had never heard of this guy. I’m 17 and I’m not a Star Trek fan. Whereas Wil was well-known for his role in Star Trek (I forgot in which one of the different series he’s been playing). So I first arrived at his site and it seemed so old-fashioned. I read the latest blog entry – can’t remember what it was about – but I didn’t like it either. I was off.

I don’t how or when but I think I arrived at Wil’s website again some months later. When the page was fully loaded I had this sensation: hey, I’ve visited this site before. I had in the intervening period, completely forgotten about the Wil Wheaton and not even the name appeared familiar to me. However now that I saw the site design again, it came back to me. I nonetheless read the then-latest post. I liked it. I think it was about Wil’s family but I’m not too sure. I came back regularly and I officially became an addict when Wil was posting from Vegas while playing at the World Series of Poker.

Between you and me, I like wil wheaton in exile’s layout better than wil wheaton dot net but hey that doesn’t matter now. The posts are still good but lately there’s been something else: a podcast.

I never was a fan of podcasts. I didn’t connect with the hype. When I tried to listen to some of them, I thought that the persons doing the podcasts had nothing interesting to talk about. Besides, listening to somebody read an article wasn’t for me. But considering that it was Wil Wheaton’s podcast, I knew I had to try and I also knew that I would like it. I was already biased.

And I liked it. I liked it so much that I even downloaded two hours of Wil talking to an audience and reading snippets from his two books from IT conversations. And at night (or rather early morning), at 2 a.m. after having watched a Uefa Champions’ League football match on tv, I listened to Wil take about his books.

I had switched off the lights and was in my pyjamas. The family was sleeping and the family thought I was sleeping. But instead I was grinning from time to time while listening to Wil through one earphone. One of my hands was on the “stop/pause? button of my mp3 player. The other was ready to remove the earphone from my ear and conceal it beneath the sheet if ever mum came around. She didn’t and I listened to the first one hour silently – except for some giggles here and then.

Now, of course, I want to read his books. And that’s another problem of being below 18. You can’t buy anything from Amazon. Naturally I asked my mum to buy me a book and she said yes. But only god knows whether she’ll actually buy the books.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could get it for free somewhere? But I guess that would be like cheating on Wil’s hardwork. Oh well, I solemnly swear that the first thing I’ll do when I’ll be 18, will be to make a purchase on Amazon. I hope that it isn’t one of Wil’s books though. This would mean that somebody else has already gifted it to me.


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