The other side of that birthday

Yesterday I was compelled to blog during my brother’s birthday party. The party was good – as good as the other birthday parties we have around here – but it was the same things all over again. At least it was while I was writing my last entry.

At about half past six, we started plugging the gas conduit into the grill, which we had mounted in the porch/garage outside. We put the charcoal (which was apparently of a special type) in the grill and lighted the thing. This grill has two openings where gas would flow out into the charcoal and both of these openings had to be lighted. My aunt took out her long, white and thick candle and lighted one of the openings. It lighted. So far, so good.

However for some obscure reasons, the other opening was refusing to light up. We turned off the gas supply and removed all the charcoal pieces from the grill. Probably a case where the grease had completely blocked the opening, preventing gas to pass out through it and into the charcoal. The opening was cleaned, the charcoal was put back on and the gas supply was opened again. I had that strange impression that we were all sensing that something was going to be wrong.

Breathes were held. My aunty took out the long candle, lighted it and placed it above the “good? opening. It lighted. She then placed it above the problematic opening. And… And we waited. And we waited a little bit more. But nothing happened.

There was a problem with that stupid grill and it looked as though we wouldn’t be eating soon. While removing the still lighted candle from the grill however, gas, which was still being released, decided to react with oxygen present in air (in simpler terms, the butane burned). The thing is that it lighted below the grill instead of the more convenient inside the grill. Yes, there was a gas leak somewhere and not as every normal person, my uber security-minded uncle immediately closed the gas supply. It seemed like I wasn’t going to be eating grilled fish – and them grilled chicken – any time soon.

My aunt lives 10 minutes from my place. That was our next destination. Leaving my dad, grandparents and brothers at the party, mum, my aunty, my uncle and myself jumped into one of the 4 cars (the one nearest to the gate and not sandwiched between any other vehicles) parked outside in the yard and we were on the road to get the chicken grilled at aunty’s place. The fish, my mum had decided, was to be cooked in home’s oven.

The fun happened at my aunt’s though. She put a one-hour target for the preparation of the chicken and I just don’t know whether we managed to respect it. But I think we were just through. At her place, while the chicken was being grilled, we all sat in a circle and started talking about everything and nothing. That was fun.

We returned home at about nine and finally had dinner some fifteen minutes after. Everybody was hungry and the food seemed especially tasty. That was the good side of it all.

We did eat little late, but we ate well.


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