Olympics 2: BBC is firing

*1246 BST: Jacques Rogge opens the envelope and declares London will host the 2012 Olympics.
1314 BST: Tessea Jowell, Olympic minister
I’ve been shaking for the past two hours. This is the biggest prize sport can bestow and we won it for London and this is to unlock the ambition of children. Sport will now be central to government policy.
1310 BST: Richard Caborn, Sports minister
While London has won it this is for the whole of Great Britian. We were very concerned because all the photographers were around the French delegation. When Jacques Rogge opened the envelope I’ve never heard a sweeter word in my life. London will have a games to make us proud. It’s fantastic.
1307 BST: Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London
This is amazing. When we started out it was a mountain to climb, but we’ve had an incredible few days here. What came over in our presentation was giving kids the chance – it’s not just about cities. We spent a lot of time before formally submitting our bid preparing things and we will start work on that tomorrow. We’ll give the world the best Games they’ve ever seen. We only had about four jounalists in front of us and Paris had 50 in front of them so we thought they’d been tipped off. We assumed we had lost.
1300 BST: Lord Coe, London bid team chief
It’s just the most fantastic opportunity to do everything we always dreamed of in British sport. We can change the face of sport in the next seven years¿ and beyond. This was a splendid team performance from two years ago when the team came together and everyone pulled together. We never lost confidence.
1257 BST: Danny Crates, Paralympian, Trafalgar Square
We’ll do this better than anyone and we’re more passionate about Paralympian sport than anyone else. I was shaking and felt sick, but when they said ‘London’ it was a brilliant feeling. It was deserved and a quite brilliant bid.
1255 BST: Dame Kelly Holmes, double Olympic champion, Trafalgar Square
This is incredible. I’m really emotional and I don’t know what I did when they announced ‘London’. This will do wonders for the country. We came from the back and proved we wanted it and this will change the face of Great Britian forever.l
1250 BST: Alan Robb, BBC Radio Five Live, Paris
There is utter disbelief at the Hotel de Ville. Initially it was shock and after an intake of breath from thousands of people the crowd started booing. People are really not happy and are now leaving the square. There is bitter disappointment here.
1249 BST: Saj Chowdhury, BBC Sport at Trafalgar Square
People are stunned as a wave of cheers carried through the square as some appeared to hear the result before others. The mood is one of enormous elation.
1247 BST: Gordon Farquhar, BBC Radio Five Live
The London team have gone absolutely ballistic here. There are extraordinary scenes in the ballroom with all the emotions you’d expect. The Pairs team are understandably disappointed but all the focus is on the London team who are celebrating hosting the Olympics for the first time since 1948.

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