That’s my blog, right? 28/06

[music: mash up Boulvard of Broken Dreams & Wonderwall_GreenDay & Oasis]
It’s been a really long since I last wrote a decent entry: about 2 weeks I think.  Believe me I long for “those” times though.  Really I would love to sit and write all day long but the problem is that I can’t because school has been driving me mad these days.
Silence in the house.  Everybody is in bed except me!
[music: Wonderwall_What’s the Story Morning Glory_Oasis]
School is becoming more and more hectic these days.  It’ll be a miracle if I have a week without tests or assignments.  Like this week, on Friday a bunch of friends and I will have to present a sort of expose on Mass Spectrometer for our chemistry class in front of the class.  That’s a problem in itself as we already had some practice speaking in front of the class this term when we presented an expose on “Transport system and Traffic control in Mauritius” for GP class.
Speaking of the exposes, it’s amazing how I always end up to be the leader of my group.  Take the GP expose, I was ultimately chosen as team leader and as for the chemistry one, well I am the self-proclaimed leader but nobody was against this.  Being a self-proclaimed leader when the other members are ok with it, is a good thing but what surprises me is how I automatically took the role of the leader.  Seems like instinctively really.  Maybe that’s because I’m the elder brother.
Being the only one awake in the house makes you feel all grown-up
[music: Don’t go away_Oasis]
Anyway during these 2 weeks, some interesting stuff happened.  Firstly as you might have noticed, my music has evolved.  The collection has literally swelled and it’s no more Avril Lavigne exclusively.  In fact I can’t even recall when was the last time I listened to her music.
I’m currently listening to Oasis.  I always liked their music – since I was 11 I think.  And now thanks to those extremely handy Peer to Peer software (Kazaa being the most popular example), I have about 14 tracks of Oasis.  Not bad for a start.
But here’s my collection:
-Avril Lavigne (both albums)
-Evanescence (both albums)
-Oasis (songs from different albums)
-Within Temptation (3 albums)
-Keren Ann (1 album)
-KEANE (1/1 album)
-Kyo (2nd album)
-The Corrs (songs from a different albums)
-Maroon5 (1 album)
-Nickelback (1 album)
-Moby (coming up…)
-White Hot Stripes (coming up…)
Dogs howling outside.  Creepy.
[music: You remind me_Silver side up_Nickelback]
The best of all out of these is without doubt KEANE’s “Somewhere only we know.” I know the song by heart and I didn’t even google for the lyrics to print them; quiet an achievement for me in any case.  Moby (remember “Lift me up, lift me up, higher nywamba”) and White Hot Stripes are coming up.  I discovered the latter while foliating the pages of my friend’s Newsweek magazine.  They seem a cool duo but I just hope that they aren’t of the hard rock type.  And by the way Newsweek sucks.
The most dissapointing artist of my lot though is surely Nickelback.  Apart from “You remind me” I find it hard to appreciate the other tracks.  Mind you, I didn’t even listen to all of them.
Apart from music, there’s the pass (student’s identity card) incident.  Yep, I indeed lost my pass 2 weeks ago.  You do know how the FBI agents in films (well in reality too I am told) introduce themselves, right? Taking out a wallet from their pockets and showing their gold badge.  Well this is a cool thing to do.  Well my wallet has a special part where one can store a whatever-card.  My pass took this place.
Well 2 weeks ago, while my nisa was fort, I don’t know why but I decided to do like the FBI agents.  I took my wallet from my pocket and flew it open.  And out went the pass…
To my utter surprise and shock/dismay/whatever you like, the pass flew out of the window and to nowhere’s land.  Now the probability that the pass flew out the wallet and out throught the window was minimal, like 10% or even less but there you go.
No need to tell you how my friends took the joke out of me.  Zot ti pe trappe vente, riE.
It’s getting colder and colder.
[music: (Track01)_Silent Force_Within Temptation]
Anyway I finally got another pass made and I won’t need to pay a full bus fare anymore till I leave secondary school at least.  Well to get a new pass was an all other episode.  I’ll just say that the government sucks.
But don’t think that Labour will be any better.  Well they will be better because you can’t get any worst than this government.  And yes, Labour is clearly winning: not 60-0 but my guess is 40-20.  Well we’ll see.
Vote Lalit (no kidding or anything).  Was I paid to say this? You want to bet?

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