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You’ll never walk alone

[song: You’ll never walk alone – fans chanting_LiverpoolFC anthem]
It’s been more than 36h since Liverpool lifted their 5th Champions League Trophy.  What a dream-come-true! Throughout the whole of yesterday, I couldn’t get the Liverpool anthem out of my head and I still can’t now.  This is more than a song.  It is the trademark of LiverpoolFC.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high,
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm,
There’s a golden sky,
And thesweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown…
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone.

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you’ll never walk alone…
You’ll never walk alone.

This, my dears, is a song that I will never forget.  A song that will always have a special place in my heart.  Nobody apart from Liverpool supporters can understand the magic of this song.

I remember the other day when Moobeen (my karake tutor) jokingly told me that as a Liverpool fan, I’ll always walk alone.  I didn’t say anything but I know that as a Manchester United fan, Moobeen doesn’t understand how the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” slogan is important to us, Liverpool fans.  I repeat, only Liverpool fans can understand the magic of this song.

Afterall, LiverpoolFC is a magic club indeed.


Charmed season2 on DVD

The 2nd season of Charmed was expected to be released in May but instead it’ll be in August and maybe on the 23rd!


1.  Arsenal won the FA Cup (well good for them)
2.  MANU were the unlucky finalist (yesssssssssssssss)
3.  I do hope the Champions’ League final on Wednesday doesn’t go as far as penalties (i swear i’ll have a hard attack)

Charmed is renewed!

The Charmed Ones
Rock on ladies for another season.  The 8th one in fact.  I wonder how many other shows managed it to an 8th season.  We’re good, man.  We are indeeed.

She replied!!!

My previous entry was about a new groovy blog of the Daily Herald based in Chicago, US named beep. But more precisely about one particular blog, Total Drive Time: 47 min. 38 sec., which forms part of the beep brotherhood – and also about Lisa, the gal who writes the blog.
beep logo
Well a little after that particular post on K-Media about beep, I opened an account with the beep website. By doing this, I would be able to post comments to any entries. And that’s exactly what I did as soon as I got my account all set up and ready. I wrote a comment on Lisa’s entry “What Do We Want?.”
The first comment basically asked for some insider’s info about the journalism world. But here’s the exact second comment I posted:

[…] To our eyes they are [the] elites because reporters like Lisa made it! They ARE journalists. We are still watching from below dreaming about us making it as well. So to us youngsters, they’re the model. To us, they’re the elites. They are our motivation and I do hope that they realise that without them, our dream of becoming reporters ourselves may just vanish.

We need somebody to show us the way!
And then surprise surprise! The following entry made by Lisa on her beep blog completely fulfilled my wish. Just to tell you that the title of that following entry was “So You Want To Learn About Reporting (Are You Sure?).” And the actual entry itself had my name in it with a really nice compliment too. Here it is:

[…] (By the way, I’d like to give a shout out to Khalil A. Cassimally, a very insightful young man who is particularly interested in the wonderful world of reporting. By the way, Khalil: Thanks for the compliments. You’re not so bad yourself, sir.)

I’m sure that if you re-read my previous entry on K-Media, you’ll realise what Lisa means by that last sentence. That’s another great thing about blogs: one can post ones message to somebody specific in ones public blog without other readers even realising anything at all.
Wondering what ‘coded’ message is being featured in this entry?

beep, a blog by young journalists

I discoverd beep just yesterday through John Battelle’s Searchblog. And it’s really great. I’ve always looked for something like this to read. Something dynamic from young and joyful journalists who have not yet died of boredom because of their work. These guys who form part of the beep blog truly rock – some more than others but I’ll talk about this later.

The Beep team is made up of three Northwestern grad students working with the Daily Herald in an effort to prove that news, like science, can be fun. Somebody gave Daily Herald reporters their own blogs, and, well, see for yourself…

This is how they describe themselves. In fact beep is made up of a variety of blogs (7 or 8 I think). Each blog is written by one of the reporters (they are more than three by the way) except for Remote Patrol, which is co-written by 2 guys.
I admit that I haven’t really read all 7 or 8 blogs but nonetheless I’ve fallen for Total Drive Time: 47 min. 38 sec. This blog is written by a gal named Lisa and man she’s hot… and her blog entries are cool too. She’s the typical 20 year old modern single girl. And she dyes her hair red! Her entries are very varied and just like the other beep bloggers, she doesn’t talk about her professional job – that is being a reporter. I was a bit disappointed by this. I mean getting an insider’s view of a young reporter’s life would be cool but I guess we can’t get everything in life.
Anyway her blog really rocks… and did I say how hot I thought she is?

Road to Istanbul

We’re in the FINAL! I can’t wait for the 28th May, the date of the final.

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What’s up in my life?

1. Best friends: I love you people.
2. My own company: sky media
3. Science is so very cool
4. 6 month sabbatical.




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