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A photograph – not those postcard ones!

A photograph my dad took a year ago while in Tanzania. What do’u think? Cool, euh?
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I downloaded Hello! the other day and finally got a go at it. This software enable you to post your photos on your blog (Blogger) instantly!

The download isn’t that fast with a 44.0 kbps but you have the ability to stop the download at any one point and resume it later on – or even another day.

This thing is really worth the time and if you get some probs with it, well let me know.

P.S. I’m still in exams.


Guys – and gals – exams started this morning with chemistry. The paper was very easy and it is resonable to think that only a couple of marks were lost.

Well one down, only 17 to go!

good news

You remember h2g2 from Well I’m now syndicating my column – science one – on a publication there! Check it out.

Also I bought a really cool magazine the other day. Zembla Magazine is a new age literary magazine. Try it.


They are starting in lest than 2 weeks. I’m sort of ready. At least the first paper is a chemistry one. I don’t even need to revise to get a B but I’m revising it and hoping for an A+.
Wish me luck for the other subjects though – I don’t need any in chemistry thank you very much.

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What’s up in my life?

1. Best friends: I love you people.
2. My own company: sky media
3. Science is so very cool
4. 6 month sabbatical.




My little bro's pics

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