I’ve got some time!

I’m a little bit on the internet for the moment so here’s an update.

Mum went to Germany some 2 weeks ago and is going to be at home in another 1 and a half weeks. And it’s not great oh no.

Here’s the email she sent (for people who love reading other people’s life stories):

Khalil (that’s me)

Dear mum,
Hope you’re fine. You are in England or Deuthland? I was actuallywaiting for your email but it never came – my gmail inbox never didget any messages anyway – so I thought it was time to make a move.

There’s been good, if not great, news from Mamou today. Well you knewhe passed his diploma thing, didn’t you? Well today Nadeem and I wentto the ceremony and we actually saw Mamou in the long black dress withhis oh-so-groovy hat on! Our mood – all 3 of us – was turn a littleupside down though, if you know what I mean. So see our idiot of viceprime minister made a 10min speech detailing stuff the gov is doing inthe education sector. I tell you; TEN MINUTES!

Anyway apart from this, well I got to know that there will be directflights from MRU to Germany in about a year or so. It was on thenews. I also learned that Germany is our prime Europeantourist-sender, so I can’t think why they’re doing direct flight justnow.
And if you’ve got nothing to do just visit this site:http://kacassimally.blogspot.com . Also, can I hope – or dream – of amobile phone: one which ouvert & ferme?

Bye bye and don’t 4get KIT KAT ZORANZE if you’re in uk. Banu Poywould appreciate some as well.

Dear Khal,
So nice to receive some written news from myjournalist-to-be son.
It was so good of you and Nadeem to attend the diplomaceremony for Mamou. I am sure he must have been verypleased that his big nephews came along though of course hewould not show the slightest sign of it.
Yes, I am back from London. I had a lovely time overthere. Everyone gave me VIP treatment. As I told you, Iwas driven in Alfa Romeo and Mercedes by the Hamids. I hadlots of good food cooked for me by Sarah Poy and Afez Kala.I was given loads of chocolate, especially theorange-flavoured type. I could not of course carry all ofthem.
Actually, there are direct flights from Mauritius toGermany, but in Frankfurt and no longer in Munich.
I visited your site. It was up to your usual goodstandard. I showed your photo to the participants fromSierra Leone and Palestine. Obviously, they said you are ahandsome boy (after all you take after your Dad). Then theparticipant from Ghana who overheard the conversation (heis just opposite me in the computer room) told me‘Yasmin you are missing your boys!’which indeed I am. Still 50% to go and I’ll be backto my 4 boys.
By the way, I guess the ouvert-ferme type of mobile phonewill have to remain a dream until you bring us some good SC results.
Keep well and take good care of yourself, your brothers and your Dad.
Note: No mobile for now and these stupid numbers and signs are not swearings.

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